Cut In The Middle Man: Why You Should Use A Recruitment Agency To Hire Your Staff

cut in the middle man

Finding new talent is crucial to success for any company, but finding the right people — without spending huge amounts of time and money — can be tricky. So what exactly are the benefits of using a recruitment agency for companies?

At its most basic level, a (good!) recruitment agency lets you do what you do best: running your business. Delayed projects, excessive freelance fees and even just taking time away from your real job can cost huge amounts — that’s where we come in.

Less stress

Forget spending hours posting job ads on hundreds of job boards, reading CVs and phoning (often under-qualified) candidates. We’ll post the job for you, as well as checking CVs that come in, vetting candidates and even helping out in the post-hire stages. All you have to do is free up some time to interview our hand-picked candidates and decide who to hire.

Speedy delivery

Whether you’re replacing an old face or recruiting new talent, we work fast. We’re a social bunch here at Bonobo and we know a lot of people, which means that from the moment your job spec lands in our inbox, we’ll be on the phone to all kinds of top candidates and preparing relevant CVs to send your way.

Easy access

The perfect candidate for your company might be out there, but as only 10% of the market are actively looking for a new role at any one time, you might just miss them. We have a huge network of passive candidates we can reach out to immediately, so whether you need a permanent UX designer or a freelance front end developer, we’ll always find the hidden gem you’re hunting for.

Inside knowledge

As a boutique digital agency, we know our industry inside out. We pride ourselves on our tip-top knowledge and experience of the market and sectors we cover, so you don’t need to explain anything to us — we’re already on board. Who knows, we might even be able to tell you a thing or two to watch out for when hiring. From salary expectations to the less-obvious skills to look out for in a candidate, our insights are invaluable.

If you’re looking for top talent within digital, creative, tech and marketing, there’s really no one else you should call (not even the Ghostbusters). Get in touch today!

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Cut In The Middle Man: Why You Should Use A Recruitment Agency To Hire Your Staff

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