Get the Pages Perfect: Make Your Portfolio Stand Out

Your portfolio is the professional face you need to present to the world – often before your actual face makes an appearance – and it needs to wow prospective employees with work that is varied, exciting and oozing with talent. It also needs to shine brighter than the fifty or so other varied, exciting and…

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Time For A Change? 7 Signs You Need A New Job

Sometimes the time is right to leave a certain position, and it doesn’t make you a quitter. We outgrow jobs just like we outgrow clothes, so here are 7 signs that it’s time for you to take the plunge and start searching for something new in the world of work. You’re bored, stressed, or unchallenged…

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Do What You Love, Love What You Do: How To Stay Happy At Work

do what you love

We all want to feel happy in the workplace, and everything from books to TED talks have tried to tackle the big question: How can we truly love what we do for a living? We’re recruiters, not psychologists, but we’re pretty confident we know how to achieve the perfect work: happiness ratio. Feeling valued Everyone…

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Dealing with Recruiters: Reliable or Rogue?

reliable or rogue

Recruiters are everywhere and work in many different ways, from tracking you down on LinkedIn to helping you find that perfect fit position via an agency you’ve contacted. While some recruiters can be relied upon to do their utmost to find a job that suits you in a company you’ll love (like us!) others work…

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