Do What You Love, Love What You Do: How To Stay Happy At Work

do what you love

We all want to feel happy in the workplace, and everything from books to TED talks have tried to tackle the big question: How can we truly love what we do for a living? We’re recruiters, not psychologists, but we’re pretty confident we know how to achieve the perfect work: happiness ratio.

Feeling valued

Everyone needs to feel appreciated from time to time, and the workplace is no different. Constructive criticism keeps us learning, but the social structure of a team is essential to supporting people through tougher times.

You don’t have to be best friends with all of your colleagues, but ensuring your team can help one another and collaborate effectively is key to feeling satisfied, supported and happy at work.

Communication is key

Did you know that the Ferrari Formula One pit team once reviewed the communication strategy of London’s Great Ormond Street Hospital? By implementing their own lightning-speed techniques, they managed to reduce life-threatening communication mishaps by a whopping 40%. 

Working on team dynamics to create a clear communication structure is vital for you to love what you do. If everyone listens, feels like they’re being listened to and can share ideas confidently, it’s going to be a happy office — with errors as a result of crossed wires kept to a minimum.

Keep growing

It’s easy to feel like you’re stagnating at work without regular stimulation, challenges and education. You spend a huge chunk of your life at work (sorry), so it’s crucial to your well being that you don’t feel unsatisfied.

Be sure to invest in your skills and, if your superiors aren’t challenging you, challenge yourself. Set yourself long- and short-term goals, dream big and work hard to achieve them. And don’t be afraid to adapt your goals over time!

Culture club

Possibly the most undervalued, yet most important, aspects of workplace happiness is a company’s culture, values, beliefs and philosophy. 

If you’re applying to a new job, read the company ethos and ask yourself if it’s something you’re on board with. If you’re hiring new faces, keep your company values in mind and invest in your company culture to save on ineffective, expensive hires.

Whether it’s a bike-to-work scheme, free fruit ‘n’ yoga Fridays or simply sprucing up the office, culture hugely impacts your work happiness, so don’t overlook it in favour of a bigger salary or shorter working hours.

Finding the right environment for you can be tricky, so if you think it’s time for a change and are looking for a workplace you can really thrive in, get in touch today. Your dream job could just be a phone call away!

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