Make Your CV Stand Out

Us creative recruitment agencies deal with clients who want a little personality from applicants. Whether you’re a developer, designer or content writer, you need to make your CV stand out from the crowd if you really want THAT job. Introducing the Bonobo guide to a cracking curriculum vitae.

Snore factor ten

If it’s boring to write, chances are it’s boring to read. Cut out as much waffle as you can, then go back and cut out some more. A short, easily digestible paragraph that focuses on your skills and what you can offer the company is enough to grab your reader’s attention before getting into the nitty gritty.

The importance of tailoring

Generic CVs can be spotted a mile off, so it’s crucial to tailor each application to each job. Use names of people, companies, places, whatever you know – make sure the person reading your CV knows it’s for them and them only. Everyone likes to feel special

Make some noise

When applying for creative jobs, don’t just tell your potential employer how imaginative and artistic you are; show them. Showcase your style, personality and talent in your CV with a jazzy layout, pretty pictures and anything else you think will impress your soon-to-be new boss. Throw the rulebook out the window and blow everyone away with your super awesome CV

Get personal

The internet is a safe and lovely place, but if you really want to get noticed you need to pick up the phone. Have a chat with (relevant) people in the organisation, show them just how keen you are and they’ll remember you long before they remember the reams of CVs in their inbox.

And if all else fails…

Come and talk to us. We’re experienced digital recruitment consultants making great placements for our candidates and clients every day. Send us something interesting today and let’s find your next perfect placement.

Posted on September 11, 2015 in News

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