Listen & Learn: Communication and Feedback for Recruiters and Candidates

Communication is key when it comes to recruiting; any recruitment agency worth its salt (hint: like this one) understands the importance of clear communication in their role as the middle man between company and candidate, and vice versa.

The best recruitment agencies, particularly in the digital sectors where emails and portfolios are flying back and forth, focus on candidate experience; that’s why in this article we’ll be clearing up the mystique of recruitment and what’s being said behind ‘closed doors’.

Communicating with candidates

The best – and in many cases, only – way to ensure candidates have a great experience and trust a recruiter to find them their perfect new job, whether it’s in digital, tech, design or any other sector, is clear communication. That means keeping candidates up to date at every stage of the recruitment process; basic touch points include:

• Updating candidates about the progress and status of their application
• Telling them everything there is to know about the company, their plans for the future and the role itself
• Giving them the information they need to prepare well and succeed at interview
• Guiding them through their next steps, whether they’ve been successful or not

In the unfortunate, but natural, case of unsuccessful job applications, the recruiter’s most important task is to secure helpful feedback for that candidate. Which leads us neatly onto…

Feed it back, guys

The problem faced by many recruiters is relying on clients – the employer – to take the time to explain, ideally in some depth, why a candidate was unsuccessful. It can be challenging for recruitment agencies to get feedback from busy employers, but there are so many benefits to taking the time to share that information:

• For both recruiters and the employing company, providing feedback within a few days of the interview can really boost a brand’s reputation; in the client – candidate – recruiter triangle, it means we can all trust each other a little more
• Avoid frustration for both hiring managers and recruiters, as there’s less time spent chasing feedback and no loss of faith on either side
• The more a recruitment agency learns about the company’s wants and needs, the more likely we are to find the perfect fit – it’s win-win.

So we can confirm: feedback is important. But the only thing that makes it possible is clear, confident and constant communication – from all sides. It’s up to companies to ensure we know how a candidate’s job application is progressing, it’s up to candidates to feedback to us anything they think we should know about the company, and it’s up to the recruitment consultant to keep everything connected

We’re social beasts, so communicating comes naturally to us. If you’re a candidate looking for your next job, or you’re a creative company on the hunt for top talent, drop us a line on our banana phone.

Posted on June 13, 2019 in Uncategorized

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