How To Survive Day One At Your New Job

You’ve aced the interview stage and, after the elation and celebratory “I got the job” drinks (with your lovely recruitment agency, of course), the realisation that you’ve got a First Day looming sinks in. There’s new faces, new places and a whole new way of working.

But relax – the Bonobo guide to a smooth first day in your shiny new position is here to help.

1. Beware office politics

Yes, your brain is whirling with brilliant ideas but the company has been running efficiently without you thus far – marching around doling out opinions on everything from the coffee quality to the management structure won’t go down well. Settle in first, make your voice heard second.

2. Watch your assumptions

It’s always best to ask a question when you’re stumped by something, however small. Your colleagues will understand that you’re new to everything that’s going on and will be more than happy to help, but a notebook so you only have to ask each question once isn’t a bad idea.

3. Chase up feedback

There’s so much to learn in the first few days of a new job; it’s easy to miss things, forget information or simply get your wires crossed along the way. Schedule regular meetings with your line manager to make sure you’re on the right track (and show how keen you are to do well).

4. Join the team

Don’t make snap judgements about your colleagues on day one; take time to get to know them. The friendly lady in HR might turn out to be your own personal nightmare in human form, while the enigmatic hipster in the corner could be your next OBF (office best friend). Books and their covers and all that.

5. Dress to, er, unimpress?

It’s best not to go too wild in the wardrobe department on your first day at the office. Until you’ve nailed the workwear ethos, stick to something understated and when in doubt, dress smartly. You can wear the platform boots and leather trousers on causal Friday.

6. Relax and take a breath

Whether it’s a new role or you’re stepping into someone else’s shoes, you’ll be feeling the pressure and have a lot of information to absorb at first. Don’t be afraid to take your time getting to grips with things, but be aware that, six months in, saying “I’m new here” won’t help you out of any sticky situations.

You might see the first weeks at a job as a honeymoon period, or you might consider it some sort of trial by hellfire; either way, it’s the time to build strong foundations for success in your new job. Following these tips will guarantee the boss won’t suffer sleepless nights wondering why on Earth they hired you.

If you’re still waiting on that first-day-feeling, get in touch today to see the creative jobs we have on offer in London and the South East.

Posted on February 12, 2016 in Uncategorized

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